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About us

Marine Consult

Marine Consult is a crewing agency located in Varna, Bulgaria.

Founded in 2002 and after more than 15 years of hard working we now are accepted a key player in the crewing field.

Our dearest and greatest values are people we are working with and striving for, as well as partners we are dealing with.
Our huge database is what makes us feel sure that we can respond each inquire from any shipowner and vessel operator.

As a sea country, Bulgaria has developed and implemented a policy for growing and improvement of shipping industry in Bulgaria in all its aspects. Educating and proper training is one of the main goals.
In Bulgaria, there are 3 marine high schools where students get prepared for and used to living and working on board since the very early age of 15. Many of them continue their education in the Naval Academy and Technical University, which every year produce skilled and trained officers for the merchant fleet.

In Varna there are three training centers with last generation of Simulators - which ensures the aquired training will be achieved according to the new regulations of STCW.
After Bulgaria being accepted member of EU, our seafarers were given a wider chance to prove and devote their abilities to companies all over the world and have always been highly estimated.